A Garritano Easter


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A typical Easter Sunday at the Garritano household begins in the early morning (around 8 AM). This year, my brother and I, being the mature 16 and 18 year olds we are, started off our mornings with a scavenger hunt. However, it wasn’t the normal game where you have to find the eggs, my dad thought we were too old for that. Instead, my parents created a series of clues, where we would have to solve the riddle, and the location of the answer would be where our “coupon” was held. There were 8 clues…which took us a good 45 minutes (it wasn’t easy!) Once we collected our coupons, we could cash them in for our prize at the end (AKA, the cute little gift basket our mom’s made us).

Once that was finished with, my brother unfortunately had to go to work and left us for the day. Since Easter is held at our house, my mom was cooking a majority of the food. She had the stuffed shells, roast beef, and peas ready for the day. Then, at 2 pm, my aunt, uncle, 2 cousins and 3 grandparents came to eat, because for some reason on every holiday 2 pm is the time to eat.

Throughout the dinner, there was this guessing game going on. Before everyone came over, my mother filled a jar with jelly beans and chocolate eggs. We had to observe the jar and write our guesses on a paper of how many eggs and jelly beans there were. Once everyone placed their guesses, my mom read the number and whoever was closest would win and keep the jar (I never win. Everyone always has these mathematical ways to figure out the number, I just write a number close to my brother’s for fun).

After our pasta dish and our main dish, we clean up a tad and move on to fruit. After fruit, the kids, meaning my 19 and 16 year old cousins and I (with the inclusion of my brother) like to go outside and play some type of sport. Usually, we play football in the street. However this time my cousin brought a game called “Kan Jam”, which involves 2 black plastic cans and a frisbee you have to try and throw into those cans. If you get the chance, I would definitely try it out, it’s pretty funny.

Once we’re all tired out, we move on to the dessert, which includes the pastries and the homemade wheat pies and cheese cakes. The New York Yankees game is usually on in the background, and go figure, they won in extra innings!

It hits about 6, and the family begins to leave. Everyone’s full and tired, and the college students have to head back to college. Over all, the traditional Garritano/Punteriero Easter lunch (or dinner) continues, and another holiday of love and fun passes by.


Health benefits; Stairs Vs. Elevators


Stairs Vs. Elevator Podcast

Today’s topic is about the debate between taking the stairs and taking the elevator. Depending on opinion, there are both good qualities and bad qualities about each of the options.

In today’s world, especially seen around the college lifestyle, people tend to take the “easier” and “more convenient” way out. In this case, an elevator helps the person move without making him or herself too mobile.

As we all know, taking the stairs requires “more effort” and is not a thought in a person’s mind if they’re either tired or lazy. The elevator is more convenient and provides access to any given floor without reason to move your legs or feet, aside from getting in and out. The elevator comes in handy especially when you’re carrying either heavy or multiple items. You’re able to leave the items on the floor or just take a breather as you’re getting carried up or down. With the stairs, it’d be more difficult to maneuver, and you would definitely be out of breath by the time you reached your destination.

However, the stairs provide a healthier and more beneficial option, because it can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart problems. Also, public health experts are recommending it. The stairs will provide you with a healthier lifestyle, and even if it’s only a slight change in your daily routine, you will begin to notice changes made, such as feeling more “in shape” and less out of breath, as well as gaining more tonnage and muscle in your legs.


The decision is yours, which form of movement would you prefer?

Demi Lovato Concert!


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I attended the Demi Lovato concert on Tuesday, March 11th at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY. Along with Demi herself, the concert brought a magician to the stage during intermissions and two girl groups to open up (Little Mix is seen in the second picture). This concert was not just enjoyable and upbeat, but also brought a powerful and inspiring message. Demi spoke of her struggles with self harm, and told her audience to never give up, because it always gets better, and everyone will get through it. Her slower songs had inspirational meanings, bringing the audience into tears. However, she was able to pick up her crowd with her up-tempo songs, just as if no tears ever happened. Overall, this was an incredible experience, and an amazing concert to be a part of.

Motivational Movement


We all know it’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet and get yourself off the couch. But just think about how great you’ll feel when you accomplish your goal.

You know your own limit. Never force yourself to the point where you’ll faint or get injured. There’s a difference between pushing yourself and hurting yourself.

It’s okay if you feel the burn when you work out…you’re supposed to feel it. And sometimes, more parts of your body will hurt more than the others, depending what you’re working on. If your muscles in your arms need more of a work out than your legs, you’ll probably feel more sore in your arms than your legs.

Just because you’re sore the next day does not give you an excuse to take a break. It’s always good to have at least one rest day, but not for the reason of being sore. If you want to tone those abs or gain endurance, you need to fight through that pain and work for it!

Think about how you feel after a work out. You may be tired, and you may feel like dropping to the floor in your own pool of sweat, but how much better do you feel knowing that you did good for yourself?

Take it day by day, work out by work out, meal by meal. You know the amazing feel you have after just one work out? Imagine that feeling times ten when you’ve reached your goal. Picture the smile on your face when you know you’ve matched your desired point. It feels like you’re on top of the world.

Not all healthy foods are “gross.” Some contain a natural sweetness that can be beneficial and satisfy your sweet-tooth. (Ever heard of berries?)

Therefore, on your rest day, as you’re being a couch potato, (or for a healthier expression, a couch berry!) try substituting some junk food for beneficial snacks. With that, you won’t feel as guilty for watching “Real Housewives” or some other reality show, because you’ve substituted the chips for a better choice.

You have the power to change yourself. It’s your decision, your health, your life. Never doubt yourself and don’t give up. Strive for the best of what you can do, and no one is stopping you. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and show the world what you’re made of!