Health benefits; Stairs Vs. Elevators


Stairs Vs. Elevator Podcast

Today’s topic is about the debate between taking the stairs and taking the elevator. Depending on opinion, there are both good qualities and bad qualities about each of the options.

In today’s world, especially seen around the college lifestyle, people tend to take the “easier” and “more convenient” way out. In this case, an elevator helps the person move without making him or herself too mobile.

As we all know, taking the stairs requires “more effort” and is not a thought in a person’s mind if they’re either tired or lazy. The elevator is more convenient and provides access to any given floor without reason to move your legs or feet, aside from getting in and out. The elevator comes in handy especially when you’re carrying either heavy or multiple items. You’re able to leave the items on the floor or just take a breather as you’re getting carried up or down. With the stairs, it’d be more difficult to maneuver, and you would definitely be out of breath by the time you reached your destination.

However, the stairs provide a healthier and more beneficial option, because it can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart problems. Also, public health experts are recommending it. The stairs will provide you with a healthier lifestyle, and even if it’s only a slight change in your daily routine, you will begin to notice changes made, such as feeling more “in shape” and less out of breath, as well as gaining more tonnage and muscle in your legs.


The decision is yours, which form of movement would you prefer?


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